On a train ride home, he was standing in the middle of everybody. He was standing proudly, his head held high. He was standing in a way that everybody could see his tightly-fit, branded tux. He displays his brand new, hi-tech phone. He played a ring tone with the phone and then pretends that some businessman was calling him. After that, he then raises his sleeve and slowly raises his arm while watching other people’s eyes keeping track on his hand and arm. He lifts his arm and looked at his Meteoris watch, a brand of watch which everybody knows as an expensive brand of watch. The people’s eyes widened as they saw it. The train swayed a little, which made a drink of a woman spill over his Testoni shoes. He was mad about it and shouted at the woman. Afterwards, he pulled out a delicate handkerchief and ordered the woman to polish his shoes. The woman did. Minutes later, the man pulled out a wallet and acted like he was counting his money. His wallet is thick, filled with cards and bills. Then he put it again in his pocket. The train is near its destination now, and the man just keep on standing and acting like a rich, brat kid. The train finally reached its destination. The area near the opening of the train was crowded as the people struggle to go out. The man was shouting that he should be the one to go out first. Surprisingly, the people gave way for him. When he was out of the train, he noticed that his wallet, watch, and everything he values were gone. He turned around, only to find that the train has left.


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