She was a woman of long, flaxen hair. A woman of a goddess’ skin and a body so skinny. When she talks, everybody would listen so fervently, they would listen to her soft, lovely voice. She moves gracefully every time and no one could spot her raging about something. Her brows have the most perfect arch of all. Her lips, yes her lips, are that of an angel. Her eyes would be the last thing anybody would wish for to see when they’re dying. She was, after all, a goddess, a woman perfectly made, without flaws, without shortcomings.

That was when she was younger, but now she is one of the ugliest things on earth. She has short, dull, and curly hair. She has uneven skin tone and lots of skin impurities. Thick-boned, she was called. Her voice was hoarse as if a twig was stuck in her throat. She always looks at things with extreme distaste. She was a woman motivated with hopeless dreams, dreams that had vanished a long, long time ago. That’s her.

One day she looked at her reflection while fetching some water.  Shocked by what she saw, she ran away from the well. She cried because of what she looks like right now. Suddenly, she heard a singing voice so sweet and charming. She looked out the window of her hut and saw a lady as perfect as her when she was young. She watched as the lady walked away into the woods. She was stunned by the appearance of the lady and was immediately angered by this. No one should be having all her qualities. No one should be chased by handsome men and be envied by other women. No one, no one should be as seamless as she used to be. No one.

That night, she set out into the woods, holding a dagger in her hand.


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