Food, food, food. Ah, food. That is all what he wants. He goes to the candy bar too often to buy loads of sweets. He goes to school everyday without listening to the teacher, but listening to the ringing of the bell. When the bell rings, he immediately rushes to the canteen so he would be the first and so that he could buy evrything that he wants. No. He was never the first person to line up in the canteen. How could he be when he bears tons of fats with him. He also goes to fast food chains where he could buy complete and heavy meals. No, not heavy for him. It is as light as a feather. The one behind him in the line always gets upset because he always order many kinds of food. One day, he was chilling in his couch when he felt something in his body. His parents rushed him to the hospital. After hours of waiting for the results, his parents were shocked. He was dead.


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