It was a fine Tuesday night. Nothing was heard except for the howling of the owls and the shifting of the trees. The diminutive lustrous stars are out again to show off their elegance in the serenity of the night. The moon was full and its lethargic luminescence beamed down on him. Smoke was fluttering all around his body until it vanishes into space. He stares at the moon and murmurs something to himself, as if he was talking to the old moon. He raises his brows and then he nodded, a sign of an agreement. He let out a stick of cigarette from the left pocket of his worn army jacket. He lit it up and once again enjoyed the ambiance. After finishing a pack of cigarettes, he entered the house. It was dim. Rays of moonlight passes through the blue curtains. The carpeted floor remained silent as he take his steps into the hallway. He walked silently past three doors, then finally ended up standing in front of a polished, wooden door. He breathed deeply and stared at the door for a moment. Finally, he decided turning the door knob. The door was unlocked. He bashfully entered the room and closed the door shut. His heart is now beating loudly and rapidly. He proceeded to a bed, decorated with floral prints. He sat down for a while on the bed, listening to every breath he hears. Then he turned. A lady of fair skin, long flowing hair, and of perfect curves was innocently dreaming into the night. Her nose as perfect as it could be. Her lips as red as blood. This lady of ripe age seems almost like a dream to him. She wears a pink silk sleep dress and she is surrounded by soft cushions. Slowly, he pulled the blanket embracing her. He grinned. He swallowed his slaver while staring at her succulent breasts. He feels the adrenaline rushing in him. In the serenity of the night, nothing was heard but the howling of the owls, the shifting of the trees, and the fading yelp of his daughter.


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