He didn’t want it, nor wish for it. But his whole life is on absolute chaos. Everyday, he goes to school, without plans of greeting someone or even just waving at someone. And that’s one problem. He doesn’t have friends in school, or in any other place in the globe. He was a loner. One time, he tried to befriend a guy at school, but the person just stared at him in distaste and walked away. And then here comes his grades. He sucks at schooling as much as he do in befriending someone. His teachers pressures him to do his best at school. But he just can’t, or that was at least his best. As if those awful things weren’t enough, group of well-known school bullies always pick on him. And a day is never complete without a bruise on his arm. Going home isn’t a good thing for him either. A few meters from home and still he could hear the exchange of offensive words of a man and a woman. When he enters the house, he expects slamming doors, broken ceramics, and flying objects. His mom and dad has to fix some conflict, as they would say it when he heard them talking about fixing the papers for their annulment. One night, he was in his room desperately rummaging the internet. Her mother managed to say in a sweet voice that dinner was ready, but he seemed like he didn’t hear anything. He continued searching and searching for the most perfect piano instrumental. Minutes later, he stopped, widened his eyes, and grinned. He locked the door and switched off the light and closed the windows. He was deliriously sweating. After he played the music from his laptop, he stared blankly into a chair. Moments later, as the song plays, he stood up on the chair, grabbed a rope, and hanged himself.


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