It was a sunny Sunday morning. You decided to go shopping the books you need and the school supplies you need. You get dressed up and put things in your bag. When you looked at your wallet, it seemed to have more cash than that of what you need. But you still didn’t mind keeping it at home and you decided to bring it all anyway. You were riding a taxi and told the driver to go to the most famous shopping mall in your city. While waiting for the taxi to reach its destination, you looked outside the window and stared at people. People having loads of stuff they bought, a child carrying a plastic bag, and his mom and dad carrying two heavy loads. You said to yourself that you are wise enough to buy only what you need. Minutes later, you finally reached your destination. You paid the driver and head directly to the biggest bookstore in the mall. You searched for the books you need, your pencils, your notebooks, your papers. You were about to go to the cashier when something on a shelf peeking at you caught your fancy. You approached that rack, revealing tons of things you have desired to buy–from embellished colored pens to catchy paperbacks. Pasted on the shelf was a sign that said “Limited Edition Only!” You stared at it with amusement. You want it all. You want it all.


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