He knows that he has to do his Physics toy project, his Chemistry art project, his Social Science report on the greatest lessons he learned in history, his Physical Education point counter, his English blog, his Biology outreach presentation, his Math instructional video, his Computer Science database, his Filipino props for the play, his Health script for the play, his Research presentation and written report, and his elective take home long test. There is only one week until the deadline of these things. But he was just chilling around, watching his favorite late night shows, playing online games with his friends. The sun can’t even shine down on him, for he stays at home all day, doing nonsense things. Why? It’s really easy to do nothing at all. To just sit down, watch, sleep, and eat all day.



Food, food, food. Ah, food. That is all what he wants. He goes to the candy bar too often to buy loads of sweets. He goes to school everyday without listening to the teacher, but listening to the ringing of the bell. When the bell rings, he immediately rushes to the canteen so he would be the first and so that he could buy evrything that he wants. No. He was never the first person to line up in the canteen. How could he be when he bears tons of fats with him. He also goes to fast food chains where he could buy complete and heavy meals. No, not heavy for him. It is as light as a feather. The one behind him in the line always gets upset because he always order many kinds of food. One day, he was chilling in his couch when he felt something in his body. His parents rushed him to the hospital. After hours of waiting for the results, his parents were shocked. He was dead.


On a train ride home, he was standing in the middle of everybody. He was standing proudly, his head held high. He was standing in a way that everybody could see his tightly-fit, branded tux. He displays his brand new, hi-tech phone. He played a ring tone with the phone and then pretends that some businessman was calling him. After that, he then raises his sleeve and slowly raises his arm while watching other people’s eyes keeping track on his hand and arm. He lifts his arm and looked at his Meteoris watch, a brand of watch which everybody knows as an expensive brand of watch. The people’s eyes widened as they saw it. The train swayed a little, which made a drink of a woman spill over his Testoni shoes. He was mad about it and shouted at the woman. Afterwards, he pulled out a delicate handkerchief and ordered the woman to polish his shoes. The woman did. Minutes later, the man pulled out a wallet and acted like he was counting his money. His wallet is thick, filled with cards and bills. Then he put it again in his pocket. The train is near its destination now, and the man just keep on standing and acting like a rich, brat kid. The train finally reached its destination. The area near the opening of the train was crowded as the people struggle to go out. The man was shouting that he should be the one to go out first. Surprisingly, the people gave way for him. When he was out of the train, he noticed that his wallet, watch, and everything he values were gone. He turned around, only to find that the train has left.


She was a woman of long, flaxen hair. A woman of a goddess’ skin and a body so skinny. When she talks, everybody would listen so fervently, they would listen to her soft, lovely voice. She moves gracefully every time and no one could spot her raging about something. Her brows have the most perfect arch of all. Her lips, yes her lips, are that of an angel. Her eyes would be the last thing anybody would wish for to see when they’re dying. She was, after all, a goddess, a woman perfectly made, without flaws, without shortcomings.

That was when she was younger, but now she is one of the ugliest things on earth. She has short, dull, and curly hair. She has uneven skin tone and lots of skin impurities. Thick-boned, she was called. Her voice was hoarse as if a twig was stuck in her throat. She always looks at things with extreme distaste. She was a woman motivated with hopeless dreams, dreams that had vanished a long, long time ago. That’s her.

One day she looked at her reflection while fetching some water.  Shocked by what she saw, she ran away from the well. She cried because of what she looks like right now. Suddenly, she heard a singing voice so sweet and charming. She looked out the window of her hut and saw a lady as perfect as her when she was young. She watched as the lady walked away into the woods. She was stunned by the appearance of the lady and was immediately angered by this. No one should be having all her qualities. No one should be chased by handsome men and be envied by other women. No one, no one should be as seamless as she used to be. No one.

That night, she set out into the woods, holding a dagger in her hand.


It was a fine Tuesday night. Nothing was heard except for the howling of the owls and the shifting of the trees. The diminutive lustrous stars are out again to show off their elegance in the serenity of the night. The moon was full and its lethargic luminescence beamed down on him. Smoke was fluttering all around his body until it vanishes into space. He stares at the moon and murmurs something to himself, as if he was talking to the old moon. He raises his brows and then he nodded, a sign of an agreement. He let out a stick of cigarette from the left pocket of his worn army jacket. He lit it up and once again enjoyed the ambiance. After finishing a pack of cigarettes, he entered the house. It was dim. Rays of moonlight passes through the blue curtains. The carpeted floor remained silent as he take his steps into the hallway. He walked silently past three doors, then finally ended up standing in front of a polished, wooden door. He breathed deeply and stared at the door for a moment. Finally, he decided turning the door knob. The door was unlocked. He bashfully entered the room and closed the door shut. His heart is now beating loudly and rapidly. He proceeded to a bed, decorated with floral prints. He sat down for a while on the bed, listening to every breath he hears. Then he turned. A lady of fair skin, long flowing hair, and of perfect curves was innocently dreaming into the night. Her nose as perfect as it could be. Her lips as red as blood. This lady of ripe age seems almost like a dream to him. She wears a pink silk sleep dress and she is surrounded by soft cushions. Slowly, he pulled the blanket embracing her. He grinned. He swallowed his slaver while staring at her succulent breasts. He feels the adrenaline rushing in him. In the serenity of the night, nothing was heard but the howling of the owls, the shifting of the trees, and the fading yelp of his daughter.


It was a sunny Sunday morning. You decided to go shopping the books you need and the school supplies you need. You get dressed up and put things in your bag. When you looked at your wallet, it seemed to have more cash than that of what you need. But you still didn’t mind keeping it at home and you decided to bring it all anyway. You were riding a taxi and told the driver to go to the most famous shopping mall in your city. While waiting for the taxi to reach its destination, you looked outside the window and stared at people. People having loads of stuff they bought, a child carrying a plastic bag, and his mom and dad carrying two heavy loads. You said to yourself that you are wise enough to buy only what you need. Minutes later, you finally reached your destination. You paid the driver and head directly to the biggest bookstore in the mall. You searched for the books you need, your pencils, your notebooks, your papers. You were about to go to the cashier when something on a shelf peeking at you caught your fancy. You approached that rack, revealing tons of things you have desired to buy–from embellished colored pens to catchy paperbacks. Pasted on the shelf was a sign that said “Limited Edition Only!” You stared at it with amusement. You want it all. You want it all.


He didn’t want it, nor wish for it. But his whole life is on absolute chaos. Everyday, he goes to school, without plans of greeting someone or even just waving at someone. And that’s one problem. He doesn’t have friends in school, or in any other place in the globe. He was a loner. One time, he tried to befriend a guy at school, but the person just stared at him in distaste and walked away. And then here comes his grades. He sucks at schooling as much as he do in befriending someone. His teachers pressures him to do his best at school. But he just can’t, or that was at least his best. As if those awful things weren’t enough, group of well-known school bullies always pick on him. And a day is never complete without a bruise on his arm. Going home isn’t a good thing for him either. A few meters from home and still he could hear the exchange of offensive words of a man and a woman. When he enters the house, he expects slamming doors, broken ceramics, and flying objects. His mom and dad has to fix some conflict, as they would say it when he heard them talking about fixing the papers for their annulment. One night, he was in his room desperately rummaging the internet. Her mother managed to say in a sweet voice that dinner was ready, but he seemed like he didn’t hear anything. He continued searching and searching for the most perfect piano instrumental. Minutes later, he stopped, widened his eyes, and grinned. He locked the door and switched off the light and closed the windows. He was deliriously sweating. After he played the music from his laptop, he stared blankly into a chair. Moments later, as the song plays, he stood up on the chair, grabbed a rope, and hanged himself.

How to revitalize yourself

In today’s hectic world, it seems everywhere you turn there are people who are stressed out, burned out, and exhausted. You may be one of them. In situations like this it is important that you take time out to restore your energy or run the risk of creating both mental and physical issues. Follow these relaxation tips to rejuvenate yourself.

  • Take a break. In some cases, you may be able to take a break and walk away from a stressful situate. Whether you are at work or at home, stepping away can help clear your mind so that you can refocus and approach any issues from a new angle. Take a walk around the block or sit outside for a few moments.
  • Learn breathing techniques. Take a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds. Slowly release the breath and wait 5 seconds before taking another breath. As you exhale, imagine you are releasing all the negativity from your mind and body. With each intake of breath, imagine you are ingesting vitality and positivity. Repeat for several minutes until you feel you are relaxed enough to refocus on your tasks.
  • Get away. Time away can help clear your head and rejuvenate yourself. You could simply take the day off and stay at home or you may wish to truly get away with a vacation. If you go away with family or friends, make sure to keep the atmosphere as free of conflicts as possible. Going from 1 stressful environment to another will not help you restore your energy.
  • Pamper yourself. Spend a day at the spa or give yourself a pedicure and enjoy a long hot bath. Add bath salts and fragrant bubbles to your bath. Lavender is a wonderful scent that helps with rejuvenation. You may also wish to turn on soft, relaxing music in the background and light candles, similar to the environment you would get at a spa.
  • Disconnect yourself. If it is at all possible, turn off your cellular phone and computer. Give yourself an hour or a few days of no distractions as you rejuvenate yourself. This will allow you to truly immerse yourself in relaxing activities without distractions from work or other outside influences. You may wish to check messages in case of emergencies, but only check them sporadically and only return calls for things that truly need immediate action.
  • Reassess your life. You may be feeling stressed because you realize you are not meeting your own needs. Look at the things that make you unhappy in your life and try to find ways to improve those areas. Changes could be as small as blocking off 10 minutes a day to sit and meditate or as large as changing careers and moving. Take the steps you feel will best help you restore your energy and regain control in your life.
  • Research various relaxation tips. There are all kinds of things you can do to help rejuvenate yourself. You may wish to take up a new hobby, read more, or spend more time in social situations. Not all tips work for everyone, so choose relaxation tips that fit into your lifestyle and what is feasible for you.

* If you continue to have extreme stress after attempting several rejuvenation techniques you may wish to consult your physician or other professional.

Have a stress-free life! 🙂

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How to make a friendship bracelet

A friendship bracelet is one of the symbols of friendship. it is usually handmade and composed of different colors of threads. Legend has it that if someone tied this bracelet around someone’s wrist, it entitles the recipient to a wish. And when the bracelet falls off by itself, the wish is believed to come true given that it is always worn by the person and was never removed.

Here’s how to make a spiral staircase friendship bracelet:

  1. Choose your thread. You can use embroidery floss, plain yarn, or any other medium-to-   thick string. You’ll need three strands. (But once you know how to do this you can use more than three.) Contrasting colors––such as red, white and blue, or green, pink and white––will show off the intricacy of the bracelet better.
  2. Cut your thread. Cut a little more than you need rather than too little; remember that you can always cut more thread off if you need to. Wrap the thread about three to four times around your wrist or ankle. This should give you a pretty close guess of how much thread you’ll need. If your friend’s wrists or ankles are bigger or smaller than yours, adjust accordingly.
  3. Start your bracelet. Double-knot the three strings together at one side, so they stay together. This will be the first knot of your bracelet.
  4. Stabilize your bracelet. As you tie the bracelet, you’ll need the end to be tied down somehow so that your knots maintain consistent tension. You can tape the knotted end onto the edge of a table, counter, leg or to a chair. You could also clip it to a clipboard. Or, use a safety pin and attach it to a small pillow, or to the knee of your jeans; or make a loop with the string and put it around your toe. You may also let another person hold the end for you.
  5. Loop the first color. Hold two strings in one hand and the other string in the other hand. Cross the one string over and under the two. (It might look something like a ‘4’ shape.)
  6. Pull the thread through the loop. Take the tail, or end, of the ‘4’ by putting your hand in the wide space of the ‘4’ and pull the tail. As you tie the knot, pull the two strings in one hand vertically (downward), or parallel to your leg or the table. Pull the string with which you tied the knot horizontally, or perpendicular to your leg or the table. The knot will rise to the top, next to the first knot that you tied.
  7. Keep tying. Repeat the loop and the pull-through 10 to 15 times, then switch colors. You don’t have to switch, but if you decide not to, make sure the one color you want to use is longer than the others. As you stitch down the bracelet make sure that the pattern is curving nicely and looks like a spiral staircase.
  8. Stop when the bracelet fits. When the bracelet can fit around your wrist or ankle loosely, so you can take it off and put on, stop tying.
  9. Finish off. Tie the tail in a double knot, and tie the two ends of the bracelet together.

* If you want to have extra charms, you can use beads, buttons, hex nuts, or anything which suits the bracelet.

Et voila! A friendship bracelet!


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Dedicated apparitions
Baited into empty white chapels
Where someone speaks
Who isn’t there
And no one else responds
Yet, in dropping pins
And hurricane force winds
Subliminal messages evacuate lungs
Like ships
Squeezed through a channel mouth

Someday, maybe, our dotted lines
Undrawn on maps penned by time
Will meet
Where x marks
An island of thought
Everyone there is you
Each driving small cars
Wearing tan skirts, black shades
And a fondness for smiles
Something akin to babies
Who have not learned
To cringe
To reason sensibly
Or to bend beneath the backwash
Of public opinions

There we are–found
A stuttering ode
To all things bright and beautiful
Cadence like chocolate poured
Softly over pursed lips
And frost bitten fingertips
A counterplot
To rule a world once destroyed
Tyrants abolished
Forsaken deserts of thought
Now holding cautiously in palm
A sea of dreams beneath
Where us
And nothing

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